Thursday August 24 2017
Raiola: ‘Niang doesn’t want Spartak’

Mino Raiola “doesn’t know” how to resolve M’Baye Niang’s situation, as the Milan forward “doesn’t want to go” to Spartak Moscow.

The Rossoneri accepted an offer from the Russian side, thought to be worth €23m, but the player rejected it.

Niang was previously represented by Raiola, and while it’s not clear if he’s his official agent at this juncture, it’s though he’s still involved in negotiating on the Frenchman’s behalf.

“Montella said he didn’t train because his head wasn’t right,” Raiola pointed out in an interview with Sky.

“There’s a medical certificate which says his head isn’t right. So Montella is correct.

“How do we resolve the situation? I don’t know, we need to work to find a solution which benefits everyone.

“Russia? For now the lad doesn’t want to go and I think you have to respect his choice, just as you have to respect a choice to stay.”

It has been reported that Raiola is now Niang's agent once again, though it's not clear if this is in an official or advisory capacity.