Thursday September 7 2017
Tacopina: Venezia for Europe!

Venezia owner Joe Tacopina has pledged to take the club back into Serie A “and then Europe with a new stadium and Filippo Inzaghi’s grit.”

Venezia have passed from Serie D to B in just two seasons under Tacopina, who was previously a board member at Roma and then Bologna, before going it alone when he purchased the Arancioneroverdi two years ago.

“Venezia are unique. I’ll take the club to Serie A and then into Europe with a new stadium and Inzaghi’s grit,” the Italo-American told Tuttosport.

“I give it around two-and-a-half years until we play at our new stadium. For 57 years, no-one had been able to go from Serie D to B in two seasons.

“I’m going for my third promotion in a row. As our Coach says, this isn’t Serie B but A2.

“What chills I felt through the Grand Canal in a gondola with our fans in delirium and their flags during our promotion party...”

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