Thursday September 7 2017
Lucarelli slams Ghirardi

Alessandro Lucarelli sarcastically invites former Parma President Tommaso Ghirardi to a game - “get there early though, we all want to see you…”

The businessman ran up huge debts during his time at the helm of the Ducali, which eventually caused the club to collapse into bankruptcy.

The patron had left by then, selling the club to a to a Russian-Cypriot conglomerate who then sold it on to Giampietro Manenti.

Players and staff went unpaid for months, and the Crociati had to start again from Serie D, but this weekend they face Ghirardi’s hometown side, Brescia, in Serie B.

“Dear President, Sunday will be a special game for you between the team of your city and the team you did a lot for,” Lucarelli, the captain who remained with Parma after their bankruptcy, wrote on Facebook.

“It’s fine, because what fan wouldn’t want to see their club go bankrupt in the middle of the season? Which fan wouldn’t want to see their club overrun with debts and derided all over Italy? What fan wouldn’t want to see a good Serie D campaign and then move through the quicksand of the Lega Pro?

“I’m just sorry you left, Mr President, because you could have boasted as you always liked to do when you said ‘Parma are competitive’.

“You’re not like that though, you like to do good and then run away so you can leave everyone with good memories.

“That’s why I’m officially inviting you to the game so we can thank you personally.

“If I could just trouble you for one favour though… get there early, because there will be a lot of us.

“At the front of the queue I’ll put the employees you left with no job, then the suppliers so you can confirm you’ve paid all your dues.

"Next come the fans and the city you humiliated in front of the whole of Italy, and finally the players you left without a contract.

“One last thing I’d ask you: if you have a spare seat in the car, could you bring along your friend from Rome [Pietro Leonardi]? Because I think it’s right we also recognise the goodness of his work.

“Before you leave the stand though, try to pass in front of the bust that you’ll find in the atrium. Read the name well, it might even teach you something.

“Don’t pass the museum though, because in 104 years of history - despite the good you did for us - there’s no place for you.”

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