Friday September 8 2017
Ghirardi declines Lucarelli ‘offer’

Former Parma President Tommaso Ghirardi declines Alessandro Lucarelli’s invitation to the Brescia game.

The Ducali captain has remained with the club since their bankruptcy in 2015 which forced them to restart in Serie D, the top amateur league.

Ghirardi ran up huge debts before selling the club at the start of the season where the Crociati went bust, and Lucarelli sarcastically invited him to watch the match against Brescia, the former patron’s hometown club.

“Mr Ghirardi believes he is totally outside of the events which led to the bankruptcy of Parma Calcio,” the ex-President said in a statement released to Premium Sport.

“No judicial authority has established his responsibility for these events. Investigations involving Mr Ghirardi are pending and he’s waiting for the justice system to take its course, away from the media clamour.

“Finally, with regard to the invitation from Alessandro Lucarelli, Mr Ghirardi can only decline it, expressing his bitterness at being on the end of media lynching attempt that he considers vile and pointless.”

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