Sunday September 10 2017
Raiola on Neymar, Verratti, Balotelli

Mino Raiola discussed Neymar’s transfer to PSG, Marco Verratti’s future, Mario Balotelli and why Napoli should be pleased by attention.

The agent sat down with La Domenica Sportiva and you can read the first part of his interview here.

“I didn’t see anything special in the transfer market. I know everyone talks about Neymar, but if you look at the price of Zidane to Real Madrid, tie in all the other factors like inflation and sponsors, that comes out more or less the same.

“Let’s also not forget Barcelona spent a lot for Neymar in the first place and he was bought not by a club, but by a country.

“Verratti will stay at PSG, at least for the moment. I can’t say about the future, because I am not a magician.

“Inter had an intelligent transfer campaign, but one with the handbrake on. Juventus at a certain point hit the brakes on the market. It’s not necessarily true that spending €120m is a good idea, because you might not necessarily get the most suitable players for that money.”

Raiola has been criticised by Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis for suggesting Lorenzo Insigne and Coach Maurizio Sarri belong at a higher level.

“Napoli play football appreciated all over the world, that is obvious and everywhere I go, colleagues ask me about them. De Laurentiis should be happy that Sarri is appreciated.

“Insigne has a contract. We seem to want players to become slaves of either clubs or agents. I merely expressed an opinion, that Insigne could happily play for Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United.”

Among Raiola’s most famous clients is Balotelli, who is now in his second season at Nice.

“I told Mario it was wise to stay in the Nice project for two years. I expect (Italy Coach Giampiero) Ventura has talked to him, but it’s one thing to talk and another to call him up.”