Tuesday September 19 2017
Donadoni: 'Would we get that penalty?'

Roberto Donadoni fears the Inter penalty would not have been awarded to Bologna. “We were superior to Inter on the night.”

Simone Verdi’s ferocious opener from distance was cancelled out by a contentious late Mauro Icardi penalty, as Ibrahima Mbaye seemed to slip over and accidentally catch Eder on the heel with his arm, in this 1-1 draw.

“I simply hope that this sort of incident is given our way against Juventus, Napoli, Roma or Milan, that there is uniformity in the judgment of these incidents,” the Coach told Mediaset Premium.

“There can be no such thing as a penalty caused by bad luck. At the start of the move, Mbaye was nudged over too and lost his balance. Plus Eder was going in the opposite direction to the goal.

“I don’t want to talk about it, otherwise we get into the same old discussions. We are always with the doubt – if the sides had been reversed, would they have given us that penalty? I don’t know.

“If you put this kind of quality in to the game, no matter who it is against, then you’ve got a much better chance of getting points and we have to continue like this.

“Considering the performances, the result leaves us disappointed. We were superior to Inter, who are a great team, on the night.

“We were missing a lot of important players, so it was good to see the response from those who came in. It was honestly difficult to see someone who didn’t put in a great performance for Bologna tonight, which is why it makes the draw difficult to swallow.

“Verdi has a lot of quality and broke the deadlock, but the players must believe in themselves and that brings motivation. If you face these sides trying just to defend and not concede, you will pay for the first slip-up eventually.

“Inter weren’t expecting us to attack them like this and we forced them to defend, making them uncomfortable.”

Bologna had also done well against Napoli for 70 minutes, eventually capitulating to late goals.

“Inter and Napoli are more or less even in terms of squad strength, but the quality of their football and the way they play is certainly much better for Napoli and thus they are tougher to face right now.”

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