Friday September 22 2017
Bernardeschi hits back at insults

Juventus man Federico Bernardeschi hit back at Fiorentina insults. “Playing for one minute and celebrating is not a lack of humility.”

The former Viola winger took to Instagram after a photograph he posted received numerous critical messages.

“Ok, I find myself here having to underline things that ‘ought’ to be obvious, it’s true, but unfortunately it looks as if even the basics can’t be taken for granted,” wrote Bernardeschi.

“Playing for ‘one minute’ and celebrating the victory of your team anyway (as some people wrote) is not a lack of humility! If anything, it’s the complete opposite!

“I don’t want some comments to teach bad lessons! I am also a little fed up of the ignorance of the mob mentality, made strong precisely because it is part of a mob, shouted out with swearing and insults, so the message means nothing.

“Let us go beyond the basic and obvious ways of thinking.”

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