Thursday October 12 2017
Biraghi: 'Death threat for Fantasy Football'

Fiorentina defender Cristiano Biraghi reveals the social media abuse players receive. “Someone wished death upon my family because of Fantasy Football.”

The left-back made two errors in the defeat to Chievo and found himself on the end of extraordinary insults.

“I am ready to accept insults if they are just about my performance,” Biraghi told Il Brivido Sportivo.

“What I cannot accept is that my family is brought into the situation. After the game in Verona, someone wrote on my Instagram page that they wished death upon my family members.

“In my view, these are not fans – not of Fiorentina or any other club. What really tipped me over the edge was that this person wrote to my family, hoping they would die on the journey back to Florence, just because I cost him points on Fantasy Football…

“I am not a phenomenon, I do not have the infinite quality of Federico Chiesa, but I do want those who love Fiorentina to know that I will always give 100 per cent for this jersey.

“I won’t hold back a tackle, nor spare a drop of sweat. As far as I am concerned, Florence and Fiorentina are the ultimate career goal.”

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