Thursday October 12 2017
Brescia interrupted by traffic cops

A day after Brescia fired their Coach, new boss Pasquale Marino’s first training session was interrupted by traffic police wielding fines.

The club, which since August has been owned by former Cagliari and Leeds United President Massimo Cellino, is going through a rough patch.

Roberto Boscaglia was sacked and replaced by Marino, who had his first training session on Thursday.

However, according to the Corriere della Sera Brescia edition, the squad suddenly ran out of the San Filippo training ground because several players saw traffic police slapping fines on their cars.

Brescia do not have the exclusive rights to the training ground, so have to share it with those who visit the gym, swimming pool and tennis courts.

This means there are limited parking spaces and Brescia players tend to leave their cars on the pavement, outside the regulated bays.

Club directors also tried to negotiate with the traffic police, but even star player Alexis Ferrante found himself with a fine.

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