Saturday October 21 2017
Alisson: 'I love being a 'keeper'

Roma goalkeeper Alisson Becker described why he became a goalkeeper, tries to delay celebrating and his best save of the season.

The Brazilian answered fan questions on the official club website following a 3-3 Champions League thriller away to Chelsea.

“Italian football is very tactical and there are Coaches who prepare so carefully, whereas Brazilian football is based on technique and creativity,” explained Alisson.

“I like everything about my role, not just the match, but also the training sessions. I always loved the role of the goalkeeper when I was a kid. My brother is also a ‘keeper and I used to watch him train with our parents.

“If you want to become a great goalkeeper, it’s a lot of hard work. You must remain concentrated on the field, believe in God and know you are doing your best with love.

“If I was to have another role, it’d be that of a striker, as scoring goals is very different to denying them. I enjoy being a ‘keeper more, though.

“My best save of the season was on (Atletico Madrid winger Angel) Correa, as it was from close range and right on the ground. It’s always good to make a tough save, but I try to keep concentrated and leave any emotional reaction for after the match. I need to be ready to make another save at any moment.”

Alisson was already at Roma last season, but was given a year to acclimatise and share the role with Wojciech Szczesny.

“Francesco Totti’s last day was an emotional one for everyone and I had the pleasure of being there for that. He’s a magnificent player and I cried, as all of you did and people all over the world cried.

“Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and as soon as I arrived, I went to the historic centre to see the monuments. In movies it all seemed so far away, but when my family came over, we went to the Colosseum and the Vatican. I am a Catholic, so it’s important for me to live in Rome.”