Sunday October 22 2017
Marotta: 'Juve squad up to the task'

Juventus director Beppe Marotta admits the defence hasn’t been as “solid” as last season, but “this squad is up to the task of our objectives.”

Udinese-Juve kicks off at the Dacia Arena at 17.00 UK time (16.00 GMT), follow the build-up and action from all eight of today’s Serie A games on the LIVEBLOG.

“Everything can be improved, in life and in sport,” the director general told Mediaset Premium.

“In recent games we have not looked like the solid defence of last season, but I think any debate right now would be premature.

“Some say that it is important to win without thinking too much about tactics, others that you only reach a result through a good performance. The truth is somewhere in-between. We want pleasant football with significant results.

“Our squad won the Scudetto, Coppa Italia and reached the Champions League Final last term, so it was already very strong and it’s important to build on that. When you sign a talent like Federico Bernardeschi, you must have the patience to let him mature.

“Our transfer market was not based on fixing problems because we didn’t have any particular gaps in the squad. This group achieved excellent results and any additions are just bonuses. We are confident this squad is up to the task of our objectives.

“Both Inter and Napoli will, I believe, finish in the top three. Inter are very solid and Napoli are spectacular with a group who have known each other for years. Between the two, I consider Napoli to be the favourites.”

Former Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci was sent off for Milan today, confirming his poor form since leaving Turin.

“Life has its natural course and there are choices in sport too. Today Bonucci is a Milan player because he chose to go there. We therefore are interested only in our own affairs and not problems that don’t regard us.”