Monday October 23 2017
Spalletti: Giampaolo ideal for Inter

Luciano Spalletti claims “I’d be Inter’s first season-ticket holder if Marco Giampaolo was our Coach” ahead of Sampdoria on Tuesday.

Giampaolo confessed he was an Inter fan and would like to coach the club one day, before backtracking at his subsequent Press conference for Samp’s trip to San Siro, yet Spalletti appeared to approve of the trainer as his heir.

“Giampaolo knows everything about this trade,” explained the former Roma boss.

“He started with nothing and came to be in the view of big clubs. He deserves all this attention.

“I’d be Inter’s first season-ticket holder if Giampaolo was our Coach. He’d be a guarantee and good for the club.

“He implements compactness and he’s fussy when it comes to analysing matches. I’m luckier than him because I already have some of them among my staff…

“I’ve received messages from [Sports Minister] Lotti because he says that with these ministers, he hopes a bench will be freed up!

“Miranda? He gives us balance. He takes things easy and never exaggerates his qualities, but it’s essential that he leaves no space for his opponents.

“Difference between us and Napoli? Yes, but less in regard to the quality of the players. For example, Skriniar convinced us even more that he had the characteristics needed for our project.

“You don’t ask Inter or Napoli if they’re in the title race, but obviously you do with because we have to take the doubts away.”

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