Monday October 23 2017
Lazio fans make Anne Frank slur

Lazio fans left images of Anne Frank in a Roma kit and anti-semitic messages in the Curva Sud after their win over Cagliari.

The Biancocelesti have been given a two game closure of the Curva Nord for racist chanting, the first of which was last night.

As a result the Curva Sud was open to Aquile fans, which is unusual as that’s the area of the Stadio Olimpico where their city rivals typically sit.

Today it has emerged that some Lazio fans used the occasion to leave offensive materials for their city rivals, including pictures of Anne Frank in a Roma shirt.

Other materials left included the phrase “Romanista Jews”, and homophobic references to the Giallorossi fans.

The offending materials were removed this morning, ahead of the Lupi’s game against Crotone on Wednesday.

“This is not a Curva,” Ruth Dureghello, President of Rome’s Jewish society wrote on Twitter.

“This is not football, this is not sport. Get anti-Semits out of the stadiums.”

The FIGC prosecutor is expected to open an investigation tomorrow, and law enforcement agencies are also investigating, though it’s not thought a crime has been committed.

Lazio stewards who were present at the Olimpico last night didn’t alert the city, who own the stadium.

“The deplorable scenes which we saw at the Olimpico yesterday should be prevented and repressed, wherever they occur,” Partito Democratico politician Walter Verini told ANSA.

“Unforunately the Curve in football stadiums are often occupied by agitators who don’t understand what these symbols mean when they spread their anti-Semitic messages.

“If they knew their history, perhaps a lot of them would disassociate themselves from such offensive gestures.”