Thursday November 2 2017
Berlusconi: 'Forced to sell Milan'

Silvio Berlusconi said he was “forced to sell Milan, I found this Chinese gentleman who promised to spend €250m, but watching them hurts me.”

The former President and patron sold the club to Yonghong Li in April, but the results have barely improved despite signing 10 new players over the summer.

“It caused me great pain, but I could not continue like that,” Berlusconi told Maurizio Costanzo on Canale 5.

“Since I got into football 30 years ago, petrol money entered into football clubs and the sport has become a monopoly. The players who belong at Milan, if this club wants to stay at the top, cost incredible amounts of money both to buy and for their wages. A single family no longer had the spending power to do that every year.

“I was forced to sell Milan. I found this Chinese gentleman who promised to spend €250m on making the team strong. It’s another matter if we consider how much quality is in the transfer campaign.

“I haven’t been to the stadium recently, as I watch Milan on television and it hurts me.”

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