Sunday November 12 2017
Marotta: 'Alves surprise, not Bonucci'

Juventus director Beppe Marotta insists Leonardo Bonucci “did not leave because of Max Allegri,” but Dani Alves was “a bolt from the blue.”

The CEO sat down with Il Giornale for a lengthy interview, in which he also touched upon the big names who left this summer.

“Dani Alves was the real surprise, that was a bolt from the blue. He made a choice that seemed to be for Manchester City, then PSG turned up.

“There was a moment where we clashed, because I wanted the professional to show respect towards Juventus.”

Bonucci’s move to Milan was a huge shock to everyone, but apparently not to Marotta.

“I want to point out that Bonucci did not leave because of Allegri. He was not the cause. We were already prepared, because in the discussions a club normally has with its players, Bonucci had expressed dissatisfaction.

“Allegri’s greatest quality is that he knows the club comes first and foremost. I consider the Coach to be part of the directorial staff, as he must be in line with the club’s outlook. A Coach who wouldn’t fit that mould would not find space at Juve. Allegri therefore fits perfectly with our business model.

“It’s a challenge to keep the team fresh and continue to revamp the side. Obviously, part of it is so we can keep a close eye on the financial requirements, but on the other hand we also want the maximum sporting results.

“We’ve only lacked the icing on the cake, but six consecutive Scudetti and two Champions League Finals in three years prove we’ve made the right decisions.”