Sunday November 19 2017
Malago': 'Lippi chose Ventura'

CONI President Giovanni Malagò believes Carlo Ancelotti would take the Italy job with a change in the Federation and reveals Marcello Lippi chose Giampiero Ventura.

Tomorrow there is a Federation meeting and there are mixed reports regarding FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio, as La Repubblica claim he will resign, whereas news agency Ansa insist he won’t.

“I think and I hope that Tavecchio will resign,” the President of the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) told Rai programme Che Tempo Che Fa.

“According to the information I received, he will resign.”

The hunt is on for a new Coach after Ventura’s dismissal, but it’s rumoured that big names including Ancelotti are turning down the job until a new Federation President is selected.

“In a different context with regards to what is around the Nazionale, Ancelotti could be interested,” added Malagò.

“I know Carlo very well and, for what I know, he is not ready to prop anyone up. With a different situation, however…”

It seems Ventura was one of several candidates for the role in 2016, but Marcello Lippi changed their plans.

“When Antonio Conte decided to leave the Nazionale, we were posed with the problem of who to assign the Italy job to. Tavecchio had thought of Donadoni, but he was under contract with Bologna.

“There was the possibility of Marcello Lippi, who was willing to return from China. Tavecchio and I met with Lippi at my home. He told us he was prepared to come back, but only to act as a co-ordinator for all the various levels of Italian football.

“We reached an agreement, we shook hands. Lippi was a gentleman and his financial demands were lower than what we were prepared to invest.

“The names on the table were Ventura, Gianni De Biasi, Vincenzo Montella and Luciano Spalletti. Lippi asked to speak with a few of them and then said Ventura was the right choice.

“When the agreement with Lippi fell through, as there was a rule that prevented him getting the contract because his son is an agent, Ventura had already been signed, but no longer had that reference point he was meant to exchange ideas with.”

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