Tuesday December 12 2017
‘Fans want Lazio to withdraw’

Lazio’s spokesman says fans “asked us to carry out acts of protest” with withdrawing from Serie A as “an extreme hypothesis”.

The Aquile were incensed by the performance of Piero Giacomelli in last night’s loss to Torino, with reports this afternoon that they could even refuse to play the rest of the season.

“I spoke with President [Claudio] Lotito, who told me how the fans have asked us to carry out acts of protest, and - as an extreme hypothesis - even to withdraw the team from the league,” Arturo Diaconale explained on Radio 24.

“I ask that similar mistakes aren’t made, because we want a fair league. I’m against conspiracy theories and I don’t even like complaining, but let’s say the truth.

“When incidents are repeated continuously one Sunday after the other, you can at least have the right to suspicion.

“VAR? That has nothing to do with it, there are always people behind the interpretation.”

Diaconale also spoke to Radio Olympia earlier today to bemoan the officiating in Lazio’s games.

“Talking about bad faith arises from consideration. If it isn’t there, it must been they’re poor professionally. That would mean you couldn’t officiate at these levels.

“It’s certainly not mandatory, you can be sent back to the Terza Categoria [the ninth and final tier of the Italian football pyramid, made up of 209 regional amateur leagues]. For someone who has arrived in Serie A, incompetence has to be ruled out. Therefore it must be other things.

“I don’t want to create a conspiracy, but it’s a fact. On Lazio and against Lazio these things are repeating themselves ad infinitum.

“I hope for a transparent and fair league, mistakes must be punished and must not be repeated.

“The governing bodies have the power to correct mistakes, and that’s what I hope they do.

“Lazio irritate people, because they stand apart from the chorus, they don’t fall in line. That creates some problems.”

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