Tuesday December 12 2017
Buffon: ‘Dybala, listen to Nedved’

Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon advises Paulo Dybala to listen to Pavel Nedved, and says he’ll play “as long as I’m useful…”

The goalkeeper attended tonight’s Gazzetta dello Sport Awards, and after assuring he was “better” after an injury which saw him miss Inter he discussed some issues surrounding the Bianconeri.

“Can we win the treble? As long as there’s life there’s hope, and when you’re lucky enough to be competing on several fronts you don’t have to make a choice,” Buffon responded.

“A team like Juventus must aim for the maximum. Last year it went well, it’s just a shame about that final hurdle in Cardiff.

“Is this my last season? ‘As long as I’m useful…’, that’s how I’d like to respond to that question. I received so much affection after the elimination against Sweden.

“People understood that, throughout my career, I never wore a mask [to hide my emotion]. That was appreciated.”

Juve vice-President Pavel Nedved, a former teammate of Buffon’s, had some criticism for Paulo Dybala this week, stating he "has to make a lot of sacrifices in his private life and on the pitch".

“Advice, not criticism,” Buffon clarified.

“I know Pavel very well, and with the great career he had he has the right to dispense it. For talent and potential, Paulo is the number one of this Juve.

“The more advice he takes on board, the more chance he’ll have of having a stellar career.”

Today also brought rumours about Gianluigi Donnarumma's future, with the Milan goalkeeper seen as the heir to Buffon for the Italian national team.

"I advised him at the time [he signed his new contract], but I won't make anything public. Right now he shouldn't be thinking of anything but the pitch.

"He needs to concentrate and save well, and that's what he's doing."

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