Wednesday December 13 2017
Rizzoli: ‘Use the VAR’

Nicola Rizzoli, the Serie A referee designator, is quoted as taking Piero Giacomelli to task for not using VAR.

The referee has come in for huge criticism after Monday’s game between Lazio and Torino, as he sent off Ciro Immobile and turned down a Biancocelesti penalty shout.

Rizzoli hasn’t commented publicly on the incident, but La Repubblica states he made his frustration clear in the briefing which always follows the final match of the Serie A round.

“Why didn’t they look at the penalty on the VAR?” Rizzoli is quoted as saying.

“And then, why didn’t Giacomelli book [Nicolas] Burdisso, who also provoked Immobile? If you have doubts, review the incidents.”