Thursday December 14 2017
Giovinco buried lucky loonie

Sebastian Giovinco reveals he secretly buried a “Lucky Loonie” in the Toronto FC stadium to help them win their first ever MLS Cup.

The Canadian club celebrated with a 2-0 victory over Seattle Sounders last week and the Atomic Ant harked back to a local tradition.

“It wasn't my idea,” said Giovinco on Tuesday on locker clean out day at the Kia Training Ground. “They asked me if I want to do this kind of good luck and I said, 'Yeah, of course.' For a win, I do everything.

“It worked, believe me! The coin is still there.”

Last Thursday, Giovinco buried a loonie (Canadian coin) in the pitch of BMO Field, where the game would be played two days later.

The superstition began when a member of the ice crew planted a loonie under the ice at the 2002 Salt Lake Winter OIympics, and Canada went on to win both men’s and women’s gold medals in ice hockey on that playing surface.