Friday December 15 2017
‘Napoli slump only a blip, but…’

Sinisa Mihajlovic says Torino’s win at Lazio “uncorked us like a bottle of champagne” but warns Napoli are only “in a blip” ahead of their visit.

The match kicks off at 17:00 tomorrow - click here for a match preview.

“The win in Rome uncorked us like a bottle of champagne,” the Coach said at a Press conference.

“It was just what the doctor ordered, but we mustn’t let it get into our heads and must remain humble

“If we beat Napoli tomorrow, we’ll take a big jump, but if we lose, we won’t start talking about a crisis.

“Balance is needed when making judgments. As always, we’ll go out to play our game. Napoli are the only team that we struggled badly against last season.

“I remember Mertens’ goals in the first game and also the 5-0 return. I hope the players remember those games like I do, even if some of them weren’t here last year.

“Maybe they’re a bit off-form, but they remain a great team. They may be going through a tough time for a big team, but after two or three games, they’ll come out of it.

“I hope they don’t get back up tomorrow, but in a week’s time… We’re harder to pierce through than last season, while they’ve kept their qualities.

“It’ll be a very difficult game for us, but I hope it is for them too. Ljajic? He’s available, we’ll see if he starts tomorrow or comes on as a substitute.

“Brave players, and I think he is one, bring the rage they’ve accumulated into play. We’ve drawn too many games, and it’s been that our strikers weren’t scoring.

“I’ve always said that when Belotti, Ljajic and Niang start peforming regularly, we’ll turn a corner.

“Tomorrow we face Napoli: it’s our last big team for a while. After that, the calendar calms down a bit and we’ll have the opportunity to pick up points.

“In any case, we’ll have plenty of time to address any problems. Juve and Napoli have something more: Napoli have the game, Juventus have the mentality.

“I think one of these two will win the title, more so Juve, even if I’d like Napoli to win it.”

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