Tuesday December 19 2017
Tavecchio: 'I could've stayed on'

Ex-FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio insists he wasn’t forced to resign after Italy missed the World Cup. “I always preferred to create envy rather than compassion.”

His tenure was rocked by controversy before it even started, due to racist remarks made in a speech and his close working relationship with Lazio patron Claudio Lotito.

It ended in resignation last month following Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup, their first missing edition of the tournament since 1958.

“In life, I always preferred to create envy rather than compassion,” said Tavecchio at today’s CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) meeting in Rome.

“I resigned from the FIGC for a very simple reason: the failure to qualify for the World Cup. As the first fan of the side, I saw it as a serious and negative issue for my conscience.

“In every other aspect, I would’ve resisted for a lifetime, with arrogance. But the loss of the World Cup was too strong for the way I see the Azzurri jersey.

“This is what I considered more serious than all the other things that were said. I don’t have to defend the FIGC. I just want to say that there are over 200 Federations we are in the top 10 in every aspect: economic, organisation and sporting.

“I always sat down at your tables with the desire to understand everyone and I think you did the same with me.”

Tavecchio is very proud of introducing VAR technology in Serie A this season, which will also be adopted by France and Spain next term.

It was announced the Coverciano ground near Florence will hold the first ever VAR training facility for referees around the world.

“This allows us to present ourselves to the international football community with experience and competence that we are proud to put at the disposal of other global Federations, making Coverciano a technical centre that the whole world can envy.”

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