Wednesday January 3 2018
Caceres to Lazio next week?

Martin Caceres could join Lazio next week, as Verona insist “he’ll be with us for Napoli”.

The Uruguayan defender joined the Butei in the summer, but it was widely reported at the time a deal was already in place with Lazio for him to move in January.

Today the club’s sporting director spoke in a Press conference, and his words seemed to indicate that Caceres will move after this weekend’s games.

“I’d do it again,” Filippo Fusco told the assembled media.

“He came to Verone because he’s a great player who had to recover from injury and he’s done well to adapt to this team.

“He has a contract until June, now we’ll meet with the player to understand his will. He’ll be with us for Napoli.

“There’s nothing signed with Lazio, but if a player wants to stay here he must be motivated and have no regrets.”

Giampaolo Pazzini has managed just four goals in 17 appearances, could the 33-year-old move on this month?

“I won’t give percentages, Pazzini has given his contribution to the cause even if he hasn’t always played.

“He was certainly crucial in Serie B, but in Serie A the speech changes. He’s in top physical condition though.

“No team has contacted me for Pazzini, and if he stays here he’ll help the team to stay up.”