Tuesday January 9 2018
‘Benevento will sign three’

Benevento President Oreste Vigorito says three players will arrive in January, confirming Sandro is close to signing.

The Streghe have won their last two matches, but remain rooted to the bottom of the Serie A table, eight points from safety.

“We haven’t targeted the foreign market out of a love of non-Italians,” Vigorito explained to Otto Pagine.

“Our transfer campaign is complicated and we can’t convince players to come to Benevento, so we’ve had a large number of scouts and observers in just a few months.

“So we’re not looking blindly, we’re aiming for players who have given their availability. These are players who come to Italy to put themselves in the shop window with the hope of saving Benevento, and that’s what we asked for.

“They have to bet on this experience, do well and grab a new contract in Italy. They come for commercial reasons.

“There will be three more players, one [Sandro] could arrive today but we haven’t closed it yet. A representative will go to Turkey to close what we couldn’t so far.

“We’ve had two days of medicals which will serve as an integration. Sandro has confessed to me that he’s fascinated by everything here.

“He sees Benevento in his future, we have an option to find him and finally make him a Benevento player.”

As well as players coming in, Amato Ciciretti has been linked with an exit, given his contract expires on June 30.

“Ciceretti is a Benevento player, we contacted him about his contract and he told us that we had to talk about it later.

“I received the necessary notification from Napoli that they could contact the player, and if that communication is made in January we have no contractual power.

“Ciciretti and his agent will be dealing with it, if they [Napoli] ask for him in January then we’ll see what the situation is.

“We’ll probably ask for a fee, or we could ask for a player in exchange. Quite frankly Ciciretti is the least of the problems in a team where six or seven have to be changed.”

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