Saturday January 13 2018
Tommasi: 'Lotito wrong choice'

FIGC Presidential candidate Damiano Tommasi warns giving the role to Lazio chief Claudio Lotito “is not the response we need to Italy-Sweden.”

The Italian Football Federation is without a President after Carlo Tavecchio resigned in the wake of Italy’s failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, losing a play-off with Sweden.

Players Association President Tommasi is one of four candidates, along with Gabriele Gravina, Cosimo Sibilia and now Lotito.

“It’s not impossible to see Lotito as a candidate, seeing as he claims to have enough signatures to back him, but I don’t think this is the response we need to Italy-Sweden,” Tommasi told Sky Sport Italia.

“Having four candidates going into the election on January 29 would show why we didn’t qualify for the World Cup. It is necessary to elect a President that has the necessary consensus to really change things.

“I realise that is a difficult course, but we are still open to finding a name that everyone can be happy with. We need to start talking about football.”

Lotito would effectively be a continuation of the old regime, as he was very close to Tavecchio and some even accused the Lazio President of being the puppet-master behind the scenes.

“We need a President who has a history behind him of being in this sport, providing a cultural revolution that everyone needs,” continued Tommasi.

“The sport must be at the heart of this Federation, otherwise it’ll be difficult to emerge from this situation. We need change, new proposals that make us believe the next few years will be different.

“My objective is to ensure the Azzurri jersey once again becomes a magnet, the objective of a career and everyone’s ultimate ambition. We need people and ideas for the future, not just for the 15 days that separate us from the election.”

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