Wednesday January 17 2018
Serie A second for TV revenue

Juventus and Inter are in Europe’s top 20 for broadcast revenue, but the champions are still behind the likes of Southampton and Leicester City.

Today UEFA has released its European Club Footballing Landscape report, and unsurprisingly the English Premier League dominates in terms of TV revenue.

Serie A is actually second in terms of aggregate broadcasting revenue with €1bn, but is completely dwarfed by the Premier League’s €2.27bn.

That money is crucial for Italian clubs, representing 51 per cent of revenue on average, compared to 37 per cent and 28 per cent for Spanish and German clubs respectively.

English clubs earn 46 per cent of their revenue from broadcasting, with an average of €113.6m per club compared to €50.7m for Serie A sides.

Manchester United top the table in terms of broadcast revenue, earning €146m in the financial year 2016.

That’s slightly ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid, whose share has decreased slightly due to collective bargaining.

La Liga’s top sides now earn 4.1x more than median clubs, compared to 8.4x over the six year period from 2010 to 2016.

In Italy the number is 3.3x, down from 4.3x, but that’s still significantly higher than Germany, France and England.

Juventus come in 11th in the overall table with €119m for 2016, but that still leaves them behind Leicester City and Southampton.

Inter sit in 19th, level with Bournemouth on €99m, and behind Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion, Crystal Palace and Watford.

With the Serie A TV deal up for renegotiation, both sides could well fall in next year’s report.

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