Thursday January 18 2018
Davids: ‘Juventus for the Scudetto’

Edgar Davids believes Juventus will win the Scudetto this season, and wants “Italian football must start from scratch”.

The former midfielder, who played for the Bianconeri as well as Milan and Inter, was in Florence today for the Pitti Uomo event and he gave his views on the state of calcio.

“Italian football has to start from scratch,” Davids told FirenzeViola.

“You need to start changing how young people train, the stadiums, even the schedule. That said, a World Cup without Italy is not a real World Cup.

“The Scudetto? Juventus will get it in the end, because they have a better squad. I don’t know if the Bianconeri can win the Champions League, but we need to have faith.

“Juventus-Fiorentina? I think it’s felt more in Florence. I think it’s normal that if there’s a team that wins a lot, the rivalry means more to the team which doesn’t win as much.

“It’s a rivalry I like though, it’s a purely sporting one.”

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