Thursday January 18 2018
Berna: ‘Accepted Juventus immediately’

Federico Bernardeschi says he “never had any doubts” about joining Juventus and “the two teams who will fight for the Scudetto are ourselves and Napoli”.

The winger left Fiorentina to make the move to Turin in the summer, and in an interview with Sky that was contrasted with Simone Verdi rejecting Napoli to stay with Bologna.

“I’m speaking from my point of view, from a personal point of view,” Bernardeschi stressed.

“I never had any doubts. When I heard from them and they told me there was a desire on the part of Juve I said yes right away with no problems.

“Everyone does things in their own way though, and everyone must make decisions for himself.

“I think the best decision for me, for my career and for my future was to come here.”

The 23-year-old has made only four Serie A starts since moving to the Bianconeri, but he has no regrets.

“I’ve always said, right from the start, that my objective was to work hard. To work humbly and with a lot of sacrifice to make a small step forward every day.

“That’s the objective and right now I’m succeeding, now there are another six months to do well and achieve the objectives set.

“I don’t have a target for total number of goals, no. My objective is to grow and improve.

“I want to keep doing better in this team and make myself more and more valuable, that’s my objective and that’s what I want to reach between now and the end of the year.

“Everyone has to work hard during the week to carve out a space which the Coach [Max Allegri] gives you.

“It’s normal that in a big team there are times when you don’t play much and then other times when you play more.

“It’s normal, I think it’s a growth process you have to go through. Of course with the injuries there’s more space and I’ll have to be ready as always.

“I like playing football, so it’s up to the boss to decide where, it’s not a problem for me. One day I’d like to be a modern trequartista.

“A modern player has to adapt to the team though. Once it was the team which adapted to the player, now a player has to adapt to the team he plays in.

“The more roles you can play, the better it is.”

The 23-year-old was then asked whether it’s down to just Juve and Napoli for the Scudetto.

“We’ll see. What’s certain is that right now it’s us and them, and for now it’s a two-horse race,” Bernardeschi admitted.

“Football is strange though and it’s long season, so we’ll see later on.

“I think though that the two teams who will fight for the Scudetto are ourselves and Napoli.”

Gonzalo Higuain hasn’t scored in 527 minutes, a huge drought by his standards…

“Pipi is very serene, very calm. Maybe he scores less, but I’m looking at it from outside because I wasn’t at Juventus last year, so maybe then he worked less hard for the team and scored more goals.

“When you play together you realise the dirty work we’re doing to make us play better, to help our teammates.

“So if you don’t score for a few matches you can’t say anything as long as you’re running and battling for everyone.

“So it’s normal for there to be periods like this and a striker - especially one like him - knows that, he just needs to be calm, which he is.”

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