Saturday January 20 2018
Does Dzeko to Chelsea suit everyone?

Selling their top scorer mid-season might seem like madness, but Tom Scholes believes Roma and Chelsea can benefit from Edin Dzeko's move.

Edin Dzeko was linked to Chelsea by multiple sources before the weekend and it looks as if Chelsea and Roma are close to agreeing a deal worth €50-60m for the Bosnian and teammate Emerson Palmieri. That may seem like a lot of money for a player in his early thirties, but if Chelsea want a proven goal-scorer both in European competition and the Premier League, Dzeko might be the perfect fit.

This deal also begs the question, why are Roma letting their star striker go in January whilst Champions League football is on the line? I happen to think it’s a perfect move for Chelsea and may also work in Roma’s favour in the long run, despite Dzeko’s importance to their team.

Since the summer, Antonio Conte has been looking for a prolific target man to bolster his attacking options and give his Chelsea team a ‘Plan B’ going forward. He wanted Fernando Llorente from Swansea, but was ultimately beaten on Deadline Day to the striker’s signature by Tottenham Hotspur. The Spaniard hasn’t exactly been prolific for Spurs, but his performance against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu shows how important a second option can be in big games.

This month, the reigning Premier League champions were linked with Andy Carroll and Peter Crouch, much to the amusement of fans on social media.

Top class, goal-scoring big men in Europe are a rarity, as being a target man is almost seen as a negative in today’s game. If Chelsea were to sign Dzeko, they would be getting much more than a target man, they’d be getting a ruthless finisher who can find the net from almost any angle and isn’t afraid to drop deep in a three-man-attack and bring his wingers into play.

Think about a deep-lying Dzeko up front for Chelsea, allowing Eden Hazard and Pedro to burst forward… it sounds incredible! It sounds perfect for Chelsea, and could be one of the signings of the window if they manage to get the deal done.

Whilst Stamford Bridge needs a striker like Dzeko to reignite its team, you have to wonder why Roma are so happy to let their star striker go at such a pivotal point in the season? It doesn’t make much sense until you take a step back and look at all the factors involved.

Without being too harsh on the Giallorossi, Roma aren’t exactly stacked when it comes to strikers.  They’ve got Dzeko, Gregoire Defrel and Patrik Schick in their ranks and the ex-Sampdoria man is probably the real reason behind all of this.

Until this season, Schick was seen as one of the top young strikers in Serie A and had attracted interest from some top clubs across Europe. The club must feel that he is ready and able to become a lead striker, and must be investing a lot of their faith into him. He tried and failed to co-exist with Dzeko in the same line-up, so removing the veteran and making way for fresh blood makes perfect tactical sense.

Either they trust Schick to stay fit and start firing in front of goal or they go for the classic Monchi technique. All together, this Dzeko deal could bring in €60M for Roma, and Monchi could invest that cash in young talents for the future. That’s why in the long run this deal could work for Roma.

Doubling the original investment for a soon to be 32-year-old when you’ve got someone as talented as Schick waiting in the wings sounds like good business. It could work, but is ultimately a massive risk at a crucial stage of the season, as Roma simply cannot afford to miss out on a top four finish. 

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Another bad day at the office for Conte and Chelsea tonite.
They'll need a few signings before the Winter Transfer Window is closed. Who knows if Palmieri and Dzeko are really the kind of "better players" that the Londoners need to improve their results............
Only time will tell.
on the 25th January, 2018 at 12:37am
Roma has to cash out as the offer is too good to refuse. They know they can't go very far in Champions and this year the league is between Juve and Napoli. Money can be used to keep Pellegrini which should be their priority going into the summer.
on the 23rd January, 2018 at 7:23pm
The only proper striker Roma had since Batistuta and the Roma fans insult him every chance they get. Good for Dzeko to leave instead of wasting away his final few years at a supermarket club who will probably never win anything.
on the 22nd January, 2018 at 10:01pm
Good business. I am huge Dzeko fan but at 32 that kind of money is too much to turn down. Schick will come good and Emerson was not being relied upon. 50MM euros for them both would be great business.

Roma's season's aims would be a UCL finish and decent UCL run. Top 4 is still there and the squad is capable of it.

If this deal allows them to keep Pellegrini, then this is great for Roma medium and long term.
on the 22nd January, 2018 at 7:12pm
If Roma allow this transfer to happen it demonstrates that football is only a sideline for a business that actually exists to speculate on players. Selling Dzeko would purely be an attempt to justify the purchase of Schick for a massively inflated fee, a transfer borne more of desperation than the actual need for a player in that position. Roma cares alright, but more about profit (and apparently the ego of our new sporting director) than performance on the pitch.
on the 22nd January, 2018 at 10:41am
Juventus,Napoli and Lazio will finish as the top 3. Inter will battle Roma till the end but they have 0.5 point advantage as the better overall games against Roma. If Roma lost the top 4, they will lose at least 50m champion league revenue and have to sell players like Pellegrini. What a shame. Hence my understanding is Roma have serious financial problems
on the 22nd January, 2018 at 9:50am
This deal makes sense for Roma. For better or worse they need to sell every year until they finish their stadium. Unlike other clubs they actually have a plan on how to survive. If they make a long run in the CL and get more money then bonus. Selling Dzeko is their best option.
on the 21st January, 2018 at 6:29pm
Chelsea are sounding out several strikers, who knows which one they will sign at the end?

Latest one they enquired about is Benteke, and to name some other players:

Crouch, Llorente, Carrol, Dzeko, etc.
on the 21st January, 2018 at 7:33am
Roma were at their peak this season during their matches with Chelsea. That volley that Dzeko hit is unforgettable.

Perhaps Roma could steal the Aubameyang deal but it sounds like Roma are doing it to generate cash. I don't think Schick is ready to be the first choice striker at a club like Roma..
on the 21st January, 2018 at 7:09am
Most football transfers don't work out (in that the player performs worse for their new club than they did for their previous one) and I don't see this transfer turning out any differently. I can't see him repeating his 16/17 form again. Most decent strikers have a one 20 goal season in them (ask Vardy). I reckon he'll go back to being 10-15 goal striker. But Conte's teams tend to win with 10/15 goal strikers (ask Matri) so maybe he's not too bothered.
on the 21st January, 2018 at 4:37am
Who cares
on the 21st January, 2018 at 3:11am
It sounds to me that Dzeko wants this deal to happen. LOL

Roma, your season is over. Are you going to rely on SICK ahem Shick for the rest of the season? C'mon Monchi seriously? Do you think he can handle the pressure from Roma fans?

I don't think so.
on the 21st January, 2018 at 1:53am
Although it takes away Roma's biggest goal threat, 30m for a 32yo is hard to turn down, and like all EPL clubs, Chelsea are desperate and tend to pay anything.

Emerson for 25m is ok too, but at his age Roma should be including a sell-on clause given his age. Because if he's a success in the epl, suddenly he'll be going for 100m (like Salah) and Roma will get nothing extra.

As for Roma, they are now officially a supermarket, and it doesn't bode well for their top 4 and CL chances v Shakhtar
on the 21st January, 2018 at 12:31am
Investing in the future? Don’t they need to have a present first? It is always amusing to me when fans go on forums like this claiming Juventus win because of referees ignoring the fact that it the stupid actions of their clubs that do that. Every time they weaken their team by selling their assets sometimes to Juventus. Then they buy rubbish. Inter went to Benfica to buy a sub, Napoli are dithering on Deulofeu going after Politano instead. Roma keep doing it.
on the 20th January, 2018 at 10:39pm
looking on as a outsider i would seriously question who roma can really expect to purchase in the middle of season to replace dzeko. In addition the money for me isn't enough in a inflated market who offers real value. I suppose neres maybe berrardi or promes or fekir could be reasonable forward options still cost a fortune. bare in mind as well dzeko record this season is 12 goals in 26 games pretty decent stats in terms of attainable players rodrigo volland finnbogason balotelli scored more.
on the 20th January, 2018 at 10:20pm
Samaroma, no sarcasm intended at all here, but who do think is an available, proper striker? I agree that Dzeko misses a lot of sitters. I personally think Roma need a midfield playmaker most of all, but they will sure as hell have to find a backup plan for Schick if Dzeko leaves. I must admit that I don't know who the MF playmaker would be either. Perhaps Hakim Ziyech ?
on the 20th January, 2018 at 9:45pm
Although i hate Roma's transfer policies in general, i still believe this was the right time to offload 32 years old striker. He scored some great goals last season and we lost literally no cash with this transaction. Emerson was a sweetener in that bundle if it turns out to be true.
on the 20th January, 2018 at 9:36pm
Why do people believe that Dzeko is this goalscoring machine? He's so frustrating, he still misses 8/10 simple chances, you can literally watch Perotti's face drop 6 times per game for handing him chance after chance and Dzeko proceeding to miss every single one. Good riddance is what I think. Let's get a proper striker and dump Shakhtar.
on the 20th January, 2018 at 8:38pm

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