Monday January 22 2018
Ex-Italy PM backs Fiorentina owners

Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has given his backing to Fiorentina’s under-fire owners and ‘believes’ in their proposed new stadium.

Fiorentina went a fourth game without a win on Sunday as they lost 3-1 to Samporia, renewing accusations that the already-distant Della Valle family no longer have their interests at heart.

However, Renzi told Controradio: “The fact that Fiorentina lost yesterday, of course, gives me so much bitterness, but all the controversy that starts every time the team lose a game is wrong.

“I hope and think we can start over, with a great project for Florence and with these owners.

“The Della Valle family, in these 15 years, have made history in Florence. As far as I know, they really want to move forward.

“Optimistic about new stadium? Yes, but we must hear from the mayor first. Ownership of the stadium is crucial.

“Knowing [the mayor] Nardella, the project will certainly go on, even if it’s always difficult to do things like these. I believe in the stadium.”

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