Wednesday February 14 2018
Buffon: ‘Don’t want to be a burden’

Gianluigi Buffon says he’ll meet Juventus for “a definitive choice” on his future at the end of the season, but “I would never want to become a burden”.

The goalkeeper had planned to retire at the end of the current campaign, but there have been hints in recent weeks that he could change his mind.

The Bianconeri captain has spoken to Maurizio Costanzo in an interview which will be broadcast in full tomorrow night, with Canale 5 releasing some excerpts today.

“I cannot create false expectations or tell lies,” Buffon said.

“The truth is that there’s a gentleman’s agreement with the President [Andrea Agnelli] and before the end of the season I’ve to meet with him.

“When that happens we’ll take stock of the situation and make a definitive choice. A player would never stop playing…

“The World Cup elimination? Those were difficult days, I wanted to end my career with the World Cup.

“It seemed the perfect way, it would have been the perfect final catwalk. Unfortunately that’s not how it went, but I also think that at 40 I have to make certain statements, because it’s right to take a step back.

“It’s also a matter of sensitivity because I’ve always been a strong point for my teams, and I would never want to become a burden.

“At 40 you don’t have to say it anymore, but it’s up to others.”

Buffon was also asked about another painful memory, the Calciopoli scandal which saw the Old Lady relegated to Serie B in 2006.

“It hurt me. Not a lot, a huge amount. I was gratuitously besmirched not once but twice, and on an aspect that is fundamental for me - namely fair play.

“The thing that hurt me most was calcioscommesse, without a doubt [Buffon was accused of illegally betting on games, but later cleared of all charges].

“Two cowards took aim at a sportsman and a man who didn’t deserve it. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone, but if I had to see certain people again I’d be angry.”

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