Wednesday February 14 2018
Gattuso: 'Ludogorets more experienced'

Gennaro Gattuso notes Ludogorets have more Europa League experience than Milan and can’t be underestimated, while he “hates compliments.”

The first leg of the Europa League Round of 32 kicks off in Razgrad on Thursday at 18.00 GMT.

“There is respect for Ludogorets, because in the last six years they’ve been in European competition more than Milan,” said Gattuso in his Press conference.

“When I studied them, I saw some very precise characteristics and players who, if given room, can be devastating. We won’t underestimate them, because I think they can cause us problems.

“In the past, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Lazio have all really struggled here. Ludogorets have this precision that can make any opponent struggle.

“However, I am not accustomed to thinking negatively. If we lose, we won’t fall into a depression. Negative moments happen in football, we’ve been through them and hope not to be back there again.

“Ludogorets have more international experience than the current Milan players, but that mustn’t make us feel uncertain. In fact, it should help us stay on guard. You can’t buy experience at the supermarket.

“We are Milan, in the last 30 years we’ve won a lot in Europe and the jersey must be respected. It’s important not to attempt calculations or to balance out our efforts, because we always take it one game at a time.”

As a former player, Gattuso explains his approach to squad rotation and the players who might feel left out.

“I am quite simply honest, without spouting clichés. I let the players understand that they must train to the max and that I see them, they are not left out in the cold.

“We are in good shape at the moment and I want to give a sense of consistency to those positive elements. The time will come for the others too, I honestly believe that. I’m simply not rotating much because the players are recovering quickly and I don’t see fatigue.”

There have been reports that Gattuso could be offered a new contract to June 2020.

“I always hated compliments when I was a player and I still struggle with them as a Coach. As I always said, I am living the dream right now, I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and I’m proud of what I’m doing.

“I see the lads strongly believe in what I tell them. I don’t want to be a burden for Milan. Before, the players would vanish from the field at the sign of the first difficulty, but what you’re seeing now is all down to them.”

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