Monday March 5 2018
Astori case 'normal procedure'

The prosecutor of Udine confirms criminal proceedings have begun over Davide Astori’s death but stresses it is normal procedure.

Antonio De Nicolo announced on Sunday that Astori had died from natural causes, but he told Radio Rai the following morning that a police investigation into manslaughter had been opened.

“We’ve opened criminal proceedings over the hypothesis of manslaughter,” he explained.

“For now, it’s been brought against unknown persons. We’ve arranged an autopsy, which will be performed on Tuesday.”

He then clarified to ANSA: “We have a duty to ascertain whether Astori’s death was a tragic fatality of if someone knew something.

“For now, no-one is responsible, neither is there anyone who seems as if they could answer anything.

“The start of this judicial procedure allows us to identify any responsibility on the part of anyone.”

The defender passed away in Udine as Fiorentina were due to play the Zebrette on the afternoon of his death.