Tuesday March 6 2018
‘Kane one of the world’s best’

Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini says Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane “is among the three or four best strikers in the world”.

The Bianconeri face the English side at Wembley tomorrow for the second leg of their Champions League Last 16 tie, having drawn 2-2 in Turin.

“Juventus must play as Juventus,” Chiellini told Il Giornale.

“If we play our game, we win. Tottenham focus on the attack and maybe give something away. They’re not going to be wide open, but their features won’t change in a day.

“We hope to have as many players available as possible to have more weapons at our disposal as the game goes on.

“They have a slight advantage, they scored twice in our stadium and that says something. But everything is open, and they know it too.

“We’re better prepared now, because after the first leg we know a bit more about them. Up-front they have those four players who don’t give you a reference point.

“We go to London with balance, without slogans. That’s always been our strength.

“Harry Kane? We’re talking about a player who is among the best three or four strikers in the world.”

Chiellini was also asked about his new contract, as his current deal expires in the summer.

“We’ll do it, but first we think about the pitch.

“Juventus for life? After these two more years I don’t think there will be much time for other experiences. I’ll be 34 in August…

“I do not have the explosiveness of ten years ago, but I have full maturity. When you gain so much experience you get less tired, maybe because you waste less energy and you’ve found a good balance.

“I’m in this family and I give all of myself to it. I hope I can lend a hand after [I stop playing] in any way which will help. I’m lucky to have become part of the history of this club.

“Is my symbol a bandaged head? It represents what I have inside me, and what’s allowed me to stand alongside incredible champions.

“Everyone has something to bring to the table. I’ll never be [Miralem] Panic with his delicacy, but he couldn’t be Chiellini.

“The hardest thing is finding the perfect blend, and the Coach [Max Allegri] has been great at doing that.

“He’s intelligent, and he has no problem going head-to-head with anyone. Anyone. And he has that ability to read the game that you just can’t teach.”

The Italian international was of course asked about Davide Astori, who tragically passed away on Sunday.

“The pain is too great, I prefer silence.”

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