Tuesday March 6 2018
Lloris ‘very affected’ by Astori death

Hugo Lloris admits Tottenham Hotspur are “very affected” by Davide Astori’s death and hails Juventus’ Gianluigi Buffon as “one of the greatest in history.”

“There was still 80 minutes to play and we’d shown in the past great character and this was another example of that. We were almost out of the competition,” he said at a Press conference.

“If they had scored a third goal before half-time it would have been very difficult. We turned it around and we were very pleased with the result.

“We have a little advantage because of the goals, but things can turn very quickly. It’s about details and we’re aware of this.

“Buffon? He’s one of the greatest in football history. He put his stamp on football history and you can only have respect for his career.

“When I was in the academy there were two keepers who were my inspiration, Casillas and Buffon.

“We expect a tough game. It will demand a lot of thought and energy. It’s the best way to enjoy this competition.

“If you don’t think too much, and look for a draw, especially against an experienced team like Juve, you could be in trouble.

“I feel that the club and team is growing stronger every season. Most of the players have been here two, three, four years together.

“We arrive at one point with all the maturity we built, and confidence we built. Now we must enjoy it.

“We arrive at the most important part of the season and we win or lose everything.

“When you have such young players you need to live through different experiences and it was the case in Europe last season.

“It’s true that before the draw for the group stage, outside was a bit concerned about the future, but we showed the quality and the potential we have inside.

“You know in football and in life, when you get a chance like this, to go as far as possible you need to take it.

“That’s our ambition, to improve, develop and the first step is to reduce the gap to the best teams in Europe. That’s not just one season, but season by season and for the future.

“Astori? We’ve been very affected by this tragic news. It’s the world of football that is affected. It’s important to show solidarity and all our thoughts go to his family and friends.”

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