Tuesday March 6 2018
Balotelli criticises Dani Alves comments

Nice and Italy striker Mario Balotelli hit out at PSG star Dani Alves for insensitive comments made about Davide Astori.

Fiorentina captain and Italy international Astori died in his sleep aged 31 on Sunday and an initial autopsy report confirms he suffered cardiac arrest due to bradycardia – an abnormal slowing of the heart.

Dani Alves caused controversy with his comments in a Press conference yesterday when asked about Astori, noting he didn’t know the defender and “thousands of children die every day without this much attention being paid to them. Their deaths are just as important.”

This did not sit well with Balotelli, who vented his frustration in an Instagram live stream with Damiano Er Faina.

“What he said wasn’t wrong, but he could’ve kept it to himself at that moment,” said Balotelli.

“He should’ve just passed on his condolences and that’s it, not talk rubbish. You cannot make those comments when faced with someone’s death.

“He said things that had **** all to do with anything. Astori, by the way, was a good guy, polite, and I can say that because I played with him for the Nazionale.

“Unfortunately, I can’t go to the funeral on Thursday because I have a training session, otherwise I would’ve got in the car and attended.

“It’s something that happened despite the many checks we players are subjected to once a month. It’s scary to think about this, because he was in bed and seemed fine. It’s too easy to find yourself going up into the sky.”

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