Wednesday March 7 2018
Balotelli slams Lega senator

Mario Balotelli hits out at the Lega’s immigration and security chief - “maybe they still haven’t told him he’s black…”

Formerly known as the Lega Nord due to their desire for greater autonomy from the south, the party has restyled itself as a populist, anti-immigration group.

Sunday’s election returned Toni Iwobi as Italy’s first black senator, as the Lega took close to 18 per cent of the vote, but the Nice striker - who was born in Palermo to immigrant parents - is not impressed.

“Maybe I'm blind, or maybe they still haven’t told him he’s black,” wrote Balotelli on Instagram, along with a picture of Iwobi with Lega leader Matteo Salvini, both in ‘Stop Invasion’ t-shirts.

“Shame on you!”

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