Tuesday March 13 2018
‘Nedved an idol for Barak’

Antonin Barak’s father says Pavel Nedved is an idol for the Udinese man, but so far “he has not received any offers” to leave the club.

The Juventus Vice-President stated that his fellow Czech is ready for a top club, inevitably leading to talk that he’ll join the Bianconeri.

“Nedved is probably the greatest figure in the history of Czech football,” Antonin Barak senior told

“He’s won a lot of trophies and is a role model for youngsters like Antonin. My son knows Pavel’s story, his devotion to football and how much sacrifice he made for the sport during his life.

“Nedved is an example of how determination can lead you to the top. Antonin was very happy when Pavel wanted to meet him at the end of the match between Udinese and Juventus.

“Will he leave? I think it’s still early and there’s plenty of time to leave Udine. He has to confirm his performances over the long-term, everything has its time.

“He has to mature and gain more experience before moving to another club.

“So far [outside of the Czech Republic] he’s only played in the Italian League, and even then not that much.

“If he were to move, I think he should stay in Italy and not try an experience abroad.

“All I can say is that to date Antonin has not received any offers, and right now he’s completely focused on Udinese.”

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