Friday March 16 2018
De Boer: Not ready for Inter, but...

Frank de Boer admits he was not ready to coach Inter but claims he was undermined by ‘poison’ in the dressing room.

Inter appointed De Boer on the eve of last season after Roberto Mancini walked away but sacked the Dutchman just 14 games into his tenure.

“You see Guardiola in his first year,” he told the Independent.

“[Gio] Van Bronckhorst at Feyenoord, when he lost seven games in a row. Everybody said he’s got to be fired. Next year he was champion.

“I had one friendly game against Celtic, and then I had to do my preseason in the season.

“That’s so difficult, especially at a club like Inter. Not only from the President you get some trouble, but also the press.

“Agents have a lot of influence. You have to really be prepared. And I wasn’t that well-prepared, at that moment, for Inter.

“You have three groups. One who is happy. Then players who are doubtful, but still feel they have a chance.

“And then, you have the losers at that moment, who will go to the second group and try to influence them.

“They are poison for your team. At Inter, and also at Crystal Palace, you’ve got to get rid of those players.

“That’s sometimes difficult, because you say, ‘I want him out’, but then the President says, ‘Yeah, but that costs me money.’ And in the end, you’re stuck with all the same players.”