Thursday May 10 2018
Mayor: ‘Milan want a new stadium’

The mayor of Milan reveals Milan “are still looking for areas” for a new stadium, while Inter still want to stay at San Siro.

The Nerazzurri had been planning to build a new training ground in the green area Piazza d’Armi, but didn’t turn up to a meeting today to discuss what to do with the area.

“I didn’t hear from any of the parties, but I hoped for Inter’s participation,” Giuseppe Sala said as he left the meeting.

“I hope, since their interest was real, that they can sit down with the owners of the area and find a solution, because it seems strange to me that the interest Inter showed for many months vanished in an instant.

“San Siro? Milan are still looking for areas, because unlike Inter they expect to build a new stadium.

“I’ll say to the people of Milan that we’ll try to find a solution before the summer holidays, then if it’s not possible we can say we tried.

“It would be a shame though, because San Siro isn’t up to the level of the stadiums in other international cities, even though it’s a very charming structure.

“A new stadium could also be useful for the city.”