Wednesday May 16 2018
UEFA: 'VAR sooner or later'

UEFA Vice-President Michele Uva confirmed VAR in the Champions League “will be introduced sooner or later, we’re at a point of no return.”

There have been growing calls for the technology to be used in the Champions League, especially after Juventus, Roma and Bayern Munich went out to controversial refereeing decisions.

“We are talking about it, this is an issue being discussed in various meetings, including one we are having today,” Uva told Sky Sport Italia.

“We know that we are at a point of no return, VAR will be introduced sooner or later, but we must do it when there is a sufficient number of referees and Federations prepared to cover the competition.

“If it’s the entire tournament or even part of it, that is something we still need to decide, but I think investment in VAR is inevitable and we’ll see it soon.”

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