Thursday May 17 2018
Buffon ends Italy career

Gianluigi Buffon has officially ended his international career with Italy. “Some great, young goalkeepers need experience.”

It had been speculated that Buffon would be given an international farewell during Italy’s friendly against Netherlands next month, but the goalkeeper confirmed he would bow out with 176 caps, making him the player with the most appearances in the Azzurri’s history.

“Italy? A period of formation and learning for what it means to be off the field, and within a club, also means evaluating and understanding what interests me the most. That would help decide what route to take,” explained the 2006 World Cup winner at a Press conference, where he also announced his departure from Juventus.

“As for the Nazionale, I said that if Buffon became a problem three months ago, I daren’t think what he could be after three months or even six.

“It’d be extremely complicated to deal with and something I really want to stay far away from, because I don’t think I deserve that.

“The Nazionale already has some great and young goalkeepers who need to have their experiences. I won’t be there for Italy on June 4 against the Netherlands.

“The Nazionale was an important part of my life, but we did all we needed to and I don’t need other shows of affection, manifestations of appreciation or ceremonies.

“As I said, you appreciate people when they are alive, not after they are dead. The thing that makes me happiest is that we all feel this is what’s best for everyone.”