Thursday May 31 2018
Official: Vicenza merge with Bassano

It has been officially confirmed that fashion mogul Renzo Rosso has bought Vicenza, merging them with Bassano Virtus.

The Lanerossi were declared bankrupt in January, with control of the name and history of the club passing to the mayor of the city.

The mayor is then allowed to nominate an official successor club, which can register for Serie D.

Today a tribunal has awarded the business side of the club to Rosso and his company Otb Spa for a rumoured €1.1m.

He has also agreed to pay the costs incurred by Vicenza between their bankruptcy and the end of the Serie C season, which they completed.

However, the Diesel entrepreneur hasn’t taken on the sporting title, as he already owns Bassano. This should mean the new team is able to register for Serie C using Virtus’ sporting title, provided they qualify for the entry requirements demanded by the Lega Pro.

The two clubs will therefore be merged, with just over 30km separating the two cities.

In a letter to Bassano fans, Rosso confirmed that the new team will play at the Stadio Romeo Menti in Vicenza, and will play in red and white.

The away shirt will take into account the colours of both teams, but will be mainly comprised of Bassano’s yellow and red.

Both youth teams will be retained, and the name of the new club will focus on the history of both Bassano and Vicenza.

The Stadio Rino Mercante will continue to host youth matches for the team, but the population of Vicenza allows for the building of a new, modern stadium in the future.

There is also the opportunity to introduce a B team to play at the Mercante, though that would only be possible after promotion.