Saturday June 16 2018
Frosinone promoted to Serie A!

Frosinone have earned promotion to Serie A for the second time in their history after a controversial and ill-tempered 2-0 victory over Palermo.

Their only previous top flight experience was in 2014-15 and they were relegated a year later in penultimate place, but now join automatically-promoted Empoli and Parma.

The first leg saw Frosinone take the early lead only to be beaten 2-1, but because the Canarini finished the season higher up the table, they would go through as long as they won the second leg.

It’s safe to say the atmosphere at the Stadio Benato Stirpe was tense – in the opening nine minutes there were three yellow cards, a shoving match, a booking for simulation and an injury.

Radoslaw Murkawski’s scorcher was beaten away by Mauro Vigorito, but when Matteo Ciofani and Emanuele Terranova both went for the same diving header, the two Frosinone teammates started arguing with each other.

Camillo Ciano’s daisy-cutter drilled just wide, but it was primarily a bitter grudge match with six yellow cards in the first half. Just before the break, Danilo Soddimo had more penalty appeals, but seemed to collide with Mato Jajalo.

Frosinone took the lead with a right-foot screamer from outside the D that Raffaele Maiello sent into the far top corner. As things stood, the Canarini would be going into Serie A thanks to their superior finish in the regular season.

There was utter and complete chaos on the hour mark, as the referee first awarded a free kick on the edge of the box, then changed it to a Palermo penalty and after much arguing from the two teams switched his decision back to a free kick again. During the row, Ilija Nestorovski might’ve aimed a headbutt at a Frosinone player, and Dawidowicz was sent off from the bench for dissent, but the absence of VAR in Serie B was keenly felt in this incident. Replays suggest it was right on the line, which does count as part of the penalty area.

Mirko Gori had to come off after dislocating his shoulder and the hosts held on under pressure and at one point were even caught throwing extra balls on to the pitch from the bench to slow play down.

Just as Palermo were pouring forward, Frosinone scored a second on the counter with Camillo Ciano sent clear on goal by Chibsah and spark the pitch invasion.

Frosinone 2-0 Palermo (3-2 agg)

Maiello 52 (F), Ciano 97 (F)

Frosinone: Vigorito; Brighenti, Terranova, Krajnc; M Ciofani, Gori (Chibsah 74), Maiello (Kone 84), Crivello; Ciano, Dionisi, Soddimo (Frara 87)

Palermo: Pomini; Dawidowicz (Szyminski 8), Struna, Rajkovic; Rispoli (Gnahore 57), Jajalo, Murawski (Trajkovski 77), Aleesami; Coronado; Nestorovski, La Gumina

Ref: La Penna

Sent off: Dawidowicz 62 (P – off the bench)