Thursday June 21 2018
Ceravolo: ‘Parma accusations nonsense’

Parma striker Fabio Ceravolo hits back at allegations he and a teammate tried to fix a match, calling the charge “nonsense”.

He and Emanuele Calaiò have been called to appear before a judge, as it’s alleged they texted former teammates at Spezia to urge them not to try too hard in the match which sealed promotion for the Ducali.

The club has strenuously denied the allegation, which could see them stripped of promotion, and one of the players involved has now had his say.

“I’ve been silent for a long time, but it seems to me to be the moment to say something,” Ceravolo wrote on Parma’s official website.

“In the past two weeks I’ve seen my name linked to a series of accusations which besmirch me, the club I belong to and all of my teammates.

“It has been hard to not be able to explain publicly that I have nothing to do with these accusations, as those in charge say.

“It has been hard above all for myself, for my family and those who love me, and for all the Parma fans who have been forced to read headlines in newspapers without any respect for me as a person or the proceedings underway.

“I’ve received all kinds of insults from fans of other teams, I had to endure gratuitous malice and I even saw myself condemned by the media without conditions, for something which was in reality untrue.

“Public opinion has pointed the finger at me when I knew that neither I, nor my club, nor my teammate Emanuele Calaiò [as I’m sure will be ascertained] have done anything to deserve it.

“I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s necessary to know all of the facts before slamming someone with accusations such as these and for that reason, even if it’s a mere illusion, I hope to receive an apology.

“What I want most of all though is to express my solidarity with Parma Calico and my teammate Emanuele Calaiò.

“I’m sure everything will be resolved, and it will be shown that this club and these fans can’t lose Serie A for this nonsense.”

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