Tuesday July 10 2018
Del Piero: 'Ronaldo suits Juventus'

Alessandro Del Piero believes Cristiano Ronaldo suits Juventus for his “hunger and ambition,” but above all gets Italian football “recognition.”

The transfer from Real Madrid was completed today for €100m plus €12m in formation payments to Sporting CP and Manchester United, while he’ll earn €30m per year net over a four-year contract.

“It’s great for Juve, great for Italian football, truly huge and will be wonderful for the whole city and Italian football to enjoy all he can still do,” Bianconeri legend Del Piero told Sky Sport Italia.

“I think it’ll raise the competition level in Italy, raise the desire to beat this Juve side that has won seven titles in a row and today people are talking about Juventus, Turin and Italy all over the world in the way they haven’t for many years.

“He is a player who can score from any angle and has great technique, but on top of any economic aspects, I think he brings this incredible desire to win. The hunger he has, the way he wants to be the best, is what drags him forward almost as much as his undoubtable quality.

“Juve are a club accustomed to focusing on the details, determination and the next success rather than the one they’ve just had. They always aimed higher and wanted to raise the bar, so he will fit in perfectly.”

It was said

“I read somewhere that he’ll end up living near to the Continassa training ground, which would at least be practical. There are many places in Turin, including in the hills, that are suited to him.”

It has been suggested Ronaldo’s arrival means the inevitable departure of Gonzalo Higuain.

“After you sign Ronaldo for €100m and €30m per year, obviously you need to give him space. It would be a really interesting challenge to find a way to play them together.

“Juventus want to win the Champions League, but not only that, to be recognised on the same level as the greatest clubs in the world. Since 2006, we have struggled in Italian football, so raising the bar here with Ronaldo makes a difference in terms of image for Serie A and Calcio. I got messages from as far away as Australia.”