Thursday July 19 2018
Rossi: ‘I’ll never quit’

Giuseppe Rossi admits he’s “lost count” of the number of knee surgeries he’s had, but “I sacrificed too much” to consider quitting.

The Italian international’s career has been blighted by a series of knee problems, including three anterior cruciate ligament tears, a meniscus tear and an intra-articular ligament fissure.

The 31-year-old signed for Genoa in December but managed only one start, and after 10 appearances in total he wasn’t offered a new deal.

Rossi hasn’t managed over 30 games in a season since the 2010-11 campaign with Villarreal, and after 16 goals in 21 games for Fiorentina in 2013-14 he missed the entire following season.

“When I sit back and think about it, I get annoyed and you start going around in circles in your head,” the striker admitted to BBC Sport.

“Every injury has its own story - it took something away, if it's a World Cup, the European Cup, or a big transfer.

“But the dream doesn't stop and I am here today living the dream that I have always wanted to and keep trying to gain what I lost.

“How many surgeries have I had? Four… five… I’ve kind of lost count.

“Every time it happened when I was performing at a high level and was destined to have a great season - it has always stopped me from doing even greater things.

“It was tough and got lonely. But for me, thinking about what could have been was a waste of time. You get lost in between a lot of negative thoughts that can harm you psychologically.

“I had to keep my spirits up, say to myself all the work I was doing had a purpose. 'One day you will get what you want Giuseppe' - that happened when Genoa called.

“Did I consider quitting? I sacrificed too much to do that. I love this game so much, I could never leave it and say it is done.

“Nothing can take football away from me, it's my little baby, my love. I believe I deserve to be somewhere and unfortunately I am not there, not because of ability, but because of an injury.

“I will keep fighting and showing I am able to be where I should be.”

Rossi, who was born in New Jersey, is currently training with MLS outfit New York Red Bulls.

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