Thursday July 26 2018
Leonardo: Bonucci wants Juve return

Leonardo has confirmed that Leonardo Bonucci wants to re-join Juventus after only a season into his Milan transfer.

Leonardo was officially unveiled by Milan as their new general manager on Thursday, but all the talk building up to his presentation concerned Bonucci’s possible return to Juve.

“I’ve met some people, not just those from Juventus,” confessed the 48-year-old.

“We’re bound to FFP, so it won’t be a crazy market. It’ll be moderate and wise. The desire [to talk to Juve] started with Leonardo Bonucci, so if we can, we’ll make it happen. We have no objection to it.

“It all started from an idea, a very sensible and quiet one. It’s from here that all the talk started.

“It’s very normal for a player to have a wish. A player doesn’t just ask to leave, there’s also the project and objectives to consider.

“He arrived last year as a symbol for change. In great harmony, we’ll try to see what will happen. It’s not definite that he’ll leave.”