Thursday July 26 2018
Leonardo: Gattuso going nowhere

Leonardo assures Gennaro Gattuso’s position as Milan Coach ‘has never been up for discussion’ and will remain so.

In the second part of his Milan presentation on Thursday, the newly-appointed general manager also ruled out any ‘big’ signings due to Financial Fair Play, expressed confidence that Pepe Reina and Gianluigi Donnarumma could coexist and admitted Paolo Maldini joining him back at San Siro would be ‘very nice’.

“Gattuso? My view is shared by the club, Gattuso was the first to be confirmed, this has never been up for discussion,” continued the Brazilian.

“It’s normal that these things happen when great Coaches are available, but none of us have talked to Conte.

“Gattuso has grown as a Coach, he’s a Milan man and we’ll go from there. Higuain and Morata? Every situation has a different formula: we’re bound to FFP, so I don’t think it’ll be possible to make a big signing.

“Fees are almost twice what they were a few years ago and that doesn’t help us. Goalkeepers? Offers can only arrive as of today and none have come in.

“We have a balanced pair. We have a goalkeeper with great potential like Donnarumma and a player in Reina who’s done everything in his career.

“He’s 36 years old and he brings both balance and skill to the dressing room. It’s a balance that can be managed calmly, we’ve already talked about it with Gattuso.

“I don’t know if any offers will come in. I’ve already started talking to their agents, but there’s been nothing up to now.

“New midfielder, striker and winger? Gattuso’s plan matched mine. We find ourselves in a puzzle, the market triggers one thing and then another.

“We have to get started and see how it all fits together. Maldini? Paolo’s a great friend, he represents Milan’s history. He has huge and unique value. If he was with us, it would be very nice. We’ll see.

“Outgoing strikers? There were a lot of negotiations going on, it wasn’t a problem to start again.

“For Kalinic there are other opportunities, not just Atletico. We’re talking, but we’re still not close to an agreement.

“As for Andre Silva, it’s a different story. We have to see what he wants and what we can give us. He’s young and we must study what’s best for everyone.

“Sporting director? A hand is needed, there are many things to do and we don’t have so much time.

“It’s an important decision, so things must be done calmly. This also applies to the players. The room for error can increase a lot, so we’re trying to do things sensibly.

“Locatelli? He’s a lad who was born here. It’s normal that he was like a son to the club.

“There’s a sentimental relationship but also a more practical one.

“We must see what the players wants, but in my opinion he hasn’t finished his path of growth here and if he stayed, it would be better for everyone.”