Friday August 10 2018
Ferrero attacks Lotito & Pallotta

Sampdoria owner Massimo Ferrero claims ‘Claudio is Lotito’s biggest enemy’ and asks ‘who knew James Pallotta before Roma?’

Ferrero took aim at his fellow Serie A Presidents in an interview with Corriere dello Sport on Friday, while branding himself ‘normal’, despite his eccentric character.

“Lotito is No 1, the best, with an intelligence and culture that’s above average, although not as much as mine,” the film producer told Corriere dello Sport.

“Unfortunately, however, there’s Claudio, and Claudio is Lotito’s greatest enemy. Pallotta’s miraculous, he’s in charge of a dream bigger than him.

“Is he a top businessman? Who knew him before Roma? Did he want €800m for Roma? That’s his business.

“They say that the price of a club is equivalent to 1.8 times their turnover, so you do the maths... Sooner or later I’ll poach them.

“Am I crazy? I’m the most normal of all. Do you want me to tell you about the other 19 Serie A presidents and a self-commissioned League?

“It’s as if we’re on ‘Scherzi a Parte’ [a prank show]. There are businessmen, managers, industrialists and producers and yet we can’t even agree on buying a pen.

“Some follow the consensus and lose their heads for the ball. At dinner, there’s a line to take selfies with me and I’m always there, while others don’t put themselves forward.

“Then I ask myself: what’s the point of these photos?  There are presidents who, if they aren’t recognised, throw themselves from the seventh floor. I live on the first.”